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It's more of a blueprint. Understand your campaign's strengths and weaknesses in a way you never could before. Identify wasted money and get an in-depth road map on how and where to improve.

Comprehensive Google Ads Audit

A comprehensive breakdown of performance, activity, competitive landscape, and potential 


Assess and examine the framework of your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Account structure is the foundation for well-performing campaigns. This portion of the analysis focuses on optimizing structure, identifying areas for refinement, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the account


Account Structure

Dive into the metrics that matter most to overall campaign performance - conversion setup, CPCs, click-through rates, positioning, etc. Uncover actionable insights, identify high-performing elements and areas for improvement.


Account Performance

A thorough examination of your industry peers and competitors to identify market trends. These insights empower you to refine your approach, stay ahead of the competition, and ensure that your efforts stand out.


Competitive Landscape

An optimized landing page not only enhances user engagement but also plays a pivotal role in converting clicks into meaningful actions. A good landing page has areas of engagement like video and different opt-in points. Identify areas to improve landing page performance.


Landing Pages & Reputation

Identify untapped potential and strategic improvements that will elevate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Pinpoint underperforming and potential keywords, targeting gaps, where to save money, landing page optimizations, competitive insights, and more 


Areas of Opportunity

A finalized easy-to-understand report that offers a holistic view of your Google Ads landscape. There will be actionable recommendations and important information that empower you to make informed decisions. A recorded video about the report will be included along with a follow-up meeting.


Comprehensive Report

It's more of a blueprint. 


Keep your employees or agency honest.. OR use this as a DIY roadmap. Everything you need will be there. These comprehensive audits are important to make sure you never become stagnant.

Your Secret Weapon


Here whenever you need it. A comprehensive overview of your advertising effectiveness

One Off

Regular examination twice a year to allow for strategic adjustments to capitalize on emerging opportunities


Proactive strategy to maintain peak advertising performance in the dynamic digital landscape.


You're probably


  • How much?
    The "One Off" is $1,499. The "Bi-Annual" is $2,499. The "Quarterly" is $3,199. They get cheaper when you package because I'll become more familiar with your Google Ads account and vertical taking less time to complete.
  • What if I'm not satisfied?
    Get your money back. Easy as that. I just ask that you provide detailed explanation why to improve gaps I may be missing. That being said, I'm confident you will be extremely satisfied with the results. I've been doing this for over a decade. We'll sit down, go over everything, answer any questions, and you'll get a video about audit for future reference.
  • How does this work?
    We'll set up a 30 min call to get to know your business and Google Ads account. Post call I'll send over action items. Once action items are completed I can start the audit. The audit will typically will take 4-5 days depending on several factors.
  • What's the value in a Google Ads audit?
    These audits used in a strategic manner can be a game changer. Maybe you have an entry to mid level person or an agency managing your Google Ads account and you're not seeing the results you think you should - this gives you a clear unbiased picture. Maybe you have an employee you want to build up and provide more resources to. Or maybe you want to handle it yourself but want a blueprint on what to do.
  • What makes this audit different?
    Most audits are used to hook you into on-going management. They highlight the problems they can solve. I'm giving away everything to the point you could do it yourself or hand it to someone and say "do this". You will have more insight about Google Ads, your competition, and website. You will have a list of action items and how to complete them. You will have a draft of an ideal set up that you can plug and play with timelines on when to make optimizations. This audit can save make you money while you stay ahead of the curve.
  • What about on-going management?
    I do on-going management on a limited basis. I want to be able to make substantial impacts in areas that interest me and not be spread too thin - I will never take on more then 5 brands at a time.
What Type of Campaign(s) Are You Running?

30 min Discovery Call

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